Thursday, November 29, 2007

Books by members of the MTC

* What a Way to Win a War! The Story of No11 Coy. MTC and 5-0-2 MAC, ATS 1940-1945 by Pat Hall

What a Way to Win a War! tells the story of a company of women ambulance drivers who contributed a small but unique part to the colourful history of the Second World War in Egypt and Italy.

The story, as seen through the eyes of the Company Sergeant Major, is followed from the first hair-raising parade in Chester Square, London.

The bulk of the book covers the transformation of these naïve amateurs into a highly professional unit which won the respect of all ranks of the army with whom they worked.

UK Midas Books 1978 (ISBN: 0 85936 136 5)

* Spearette by Rachel Millet

When the Second World War broke out Rachel Millet (née Howell-Evans), a qualified children's nurse, was head matron at a boys' preparatory school. France fell, and she decided to join the Mechanised Transport Corps as a driver. Hearing that the Hadfield-Spears Hospital - somewhere in the Middle East with the Free French forces - needed drivers, she applied and was accepted

Spearette (the French nickname for a Hadfield-Spears girl) tells the story of Rachel Millet's adventures as a driver and nurse with the Hospital. Having travelled across the desert with the Eighth Army, and through Italy, she became an honorary Commando to land on the south coast of France preparatory to the main invasion.

Spearette is an intensely immediate and exciting story, with a distressing ending as the petulant General de Gaulle peremptorily ordered the Hospital to be disbanded because the crowds at the Paris Victory Parade dared to cheer: 'Vive Spears!'

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